While most insured individuals presume that their policies are merely for hospitalization expenses, many insurance providers also foot the bill for associated expenses. There are a number of under-publicized benefits in health insurance that remain idle due to lack of knowledge and awareness.

Irrespective of whether your insurance provider has educated you about these benefits, it would definitely be worth reading the policy yourself:

Convalescence Benefit

Some insurer carriers offer policies that don’t just take care of your hospital expenses but also your recovery expenses. Also called, recuperating benefit, this feature promises a lump sum amount in case of prolonged hospital stay. Depending on your policy the duration could be between 7 to 10 days.

This amount is provided as a benefit to cover loss of income for the days spent in the hospital. Remember to learn as much as you can about the eligible benefit periods and amounts as it is all pre-defined.

Daily Hospital Cash Allowance

While all health insurance policies cover your hospital expenses, some also cover food and refreshment costs along with the money your family uses to commute to and from the hospital. Check if your policy offers this preset, per-day allowance. In most cases, this sum is also handed over without requiring you to produce any bill to make the claim.

Treatment At Home

The general impression of health insurance policies is that they cover expenses incurred at the hospital. However, a large number of policies include domiciliary treatment as well. This is the treatment undergone at home primarily because the patient can’t be taken to the hospital.

Typically, the payout is percentage or value based.

Organ Donor Expenses

Transplant surgeries put tremendous pressure on insured individuals both financially and emotionally. Besides the costs of the organ recipient’s treatment, the donor’s expenses are also included in the bill. In many policies, there is a provision that can be used to claim expense related to the donor as well.

Attendant Allowance

Adults who are looking after an insured child at a hospital may also be able to secure an allowance. If a child aged 12 or less is hospitalized, the adult attendant may be compensated each day after the third day of hospitalization. However, the specific parameters could vary according to the insurers and the product.

These are just a few of the little known benefits that you may be able to secure depending on your health coverage. At Affordable Health Insurance in NY, we offer a number of NY health insurance plans for our clients. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you find the right coverage.