In order to help health insurance buyers make their way through open enrollment, we have put together a list of the few most important things they should know before they actually make the purchase.

Are you going to be shopping for health insurance as well? Covering the following things will help you make the best possible decision:

Review Your Options during Open Enrollment

It doesn’t matter if you already have health coverage, you should put in time and effort to review your options during this enrollment season.

Remember, if you end up missing the enrollment period, you might be stuck with the current plan; or even worse, stay uninsured for the rest of the year.

As the enrollment period progresses towards its end, it may get increasingly difficult to receive personal assistance with the large flux of people rushing in.

Make Sure You Purchase a Plan That Covers Your Preferred Healthcare Providers

This is one the most important things to know before you actually sign the contract. Make sure your preferred doctor accepts a particular coverage before you enroll. If you end up with a plan that doesn’t cover your preferred healthcare provider, you could face substantial medical costs.

To verify coverage, don’t just call the healthcare professional; confirm their network status with the insurance carrier.

Fill All Gaps with Short-Term Health Coverage

It is important to know that your coverage, regardless of the plan you’re enrolled in, might not begin for up to six weeks. This doesn’t imply that you have to go uninsured for this provisional period. While short term plans don’t really qualify the criteria for ACA, they can definitely limit your exposure to unforeseen medical expenses while you are waiting for your primary health insurance plan to start.

Remember To Take Time to Re-Shop For Coverage, Even If You Are Already Covered

You probably know that it is a good idea to shop around for televisions, gadgets and auto insurance; but do you know as much as 7 out of 10 people could save significant amounts of money by re-shopping for health coverage?

Consider it essential to re-shop for health coverage, especially if you potentially qualify for a subsidy or are collecting one. Not doing so could mean you are leaving a huge amount of money on the table.

Knowing these things beforehand don’t just help you shop for the most relevant plan, but also allow you to save big bucks in the process.

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