According to many healthcare providers and legal experts, one of the biggest life mistakes anyone can make is delaying health insurance, especially if there is a family relying on them. Securing health insurance is also an important decision, so it should not really be difficult for anyone either.

At Affordable Health Insurance in NY we have a team of leading, licensed experts who help clients at each and every step and give valuable advice so that they make informed decisions. This is how we help you secure affordable health insurance in NYC.

The Perfect Rates

As our name implicates, our team is genuinely dedicated to making sure that you secure highly affordable health insurance plans in New York. Once you get in touch, our team of insurance experts evaluates multiple quotes for health insurance and dental care based on your needs.

The ultimate aim of our company is too provider you the most suitable individual or group health insurance plan that gives you the maximum coverage at highly competitive rates.

Once you get in touch, you will be surprised to see that our individual plans start at as low as $307.12 per month. On the other hand, we also offer group plans starting at as low as $614.24 a month.

We Guide You Step By Step

Our job doesn’t begin and end at evaluating plans and helping you secure the best ones, as we are connected with multiple carriers that have different procedures, we offer complete systematic assistance throughout the process.

Our team is dedicated to your satisfaction with your health insurance plan and puts in every effort needed to find you the perfect insurance deal.

Here’s How We Do It

Eligibility Check

No longer do you need to wait in lines or for days to identify if you are eligible for NY health insurance. Our team of insurance experts does a thorough, quick check to ensure that you qualify for insurance.

Compare Plans

If you find it suitable, you can also compare plans yourself. We are connected to a number of different insurance carriers that offer different facilities. When you have all the plans laid out in front of you in a simple manner, comparing prices and offerings is a piece of cake.

Easy Enrollment

Lastly, we also facilitate you throughout the enrollment process. All you need to do is fill out a form or get connected to one of our representatives who will then make the enrollment process even easier.

What are you waiting for? It is never too early to secure your health insurance in NY! Give us a call at (718)-878-6484 today to get started! health insurance nyc