At Affordable Health Insurance in NY, we have helped a large number of individuals secure health insurance policies from the leading carriers in our network such as Aetna, Oscar, GHI and Oxford. As our name implicates, we are genuinely focused on helping clients make better decisions when it comes to health coverage.

If you are among the approximately 50 million uninsured Americans, you can still avoid hefty penalties by starting your search for an affordable health insurance policy today! With years of experience and a wide network that includes the leading insurance carriers, we can help you find policies that match your budget and medical needs flawlessly.

Remember, delaying health insurance is never a good idea, particularly when you are young and healthy and have dependants who rely on you. Going uninsured could mean lack of preventive care, higher risk of chronic diseases – not to mention the outrageous medical costs.

Our individual health insurance plans start as low as $307.12/month and group plans as low as $614.24/month. Here is how we help you find such unbelievably low rates:

Step#1- A Quick Eligibility Check

We are proud to have some of the most trained insurance experts onboard with us. When you get in touch and give us a few important details, our experts get right to work to conduct a super-quick eligibility check.

Step#2-Comparing Plans

This is where the magic happens! We have over years of strong relationships with the leading insurance carriers in the industry which help us secure the best rates possible.

Once our insurance specialists have all your details, they start evaluating plans according to your needs. While you can compare and contrast different plans yourself, it is better left to our pros to help you find coverage that precisely meets your financial and medical needs.

Step#3-Enrollment Is Easy

Once you identify a plan that you like, all you need to do is give us a call or fill out the enrollment form online. That’s about it! You can rest assured know that our representatives will be there throughout the process to help you at every step.

Securing affordable health insurance in NY using our services is as simple as that! Get in touch with today and check out the various health insurance carriers we have in store for you.