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Group Health Incorporated provides individual and group health insurance through its EmblemHealth division. The carrier’s HMO plans have flexible deductibles and variable co-insurance rates at levels between bronze and platinum. Affordable Health Insurance in NY with GHI with these policies cover in-network services only. Members must select a primary care physician and request written referrals. With most plans, deductibles must be satisfied before coinsurance is applied. Coverage from EmblemHealth is available in 28 counties, including New York City and the capital region.

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GHI: a renowned name in insurance

Established on the principle of offering quality health insurance plans to New Yorkers and their families, the GHI is a comprehensive insurance plan administered by the leading insurance company EmblemHealth.

The GHI health insurance in New York was developed almost 75 years ago with the aim to provide maximum benefits at discounted rates. Get the best rates in New York City with GHI health insurance. Log onto Affordable health insurance to find out how.

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